Monday, September 12, 2016

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Barbara Chioffi


What finds you in the night?

CHICANERY is a collection of eight horror tales, each with a little bit of deceit and enough of the macabre to have you looking over your shoulder.  

Who knows what awaits us as we go about our daily lives, unaware of what exists alongside us. In these tales, you will find a bit of betrayal, a snippet or two of terror, and a lot of comeuppance. Oh, and a good dose of helpful spirits.

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DRAGON MOON-Young Adult Fantasy

Dragon Moon has been accepted in to Amazon's Kindle Scout program. What's this, I hear you ask. It's a program to help Indie authors get a publishing contract for a book. Dragon Moon has 30 days to create an impression on the reviewers at Amazon...and it needs nominations.

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I’m nineteen and wish I had a clue about my future. Instead of my own bed, this morning I woke in the strange land of Lur Neval. My name is Scarlett, but the Nevalese call me Dragon Mage. Seems it’s my job to preserve the all-important dragons and oh, while I’m here, bring peace to the warring clans. Piece of cake if I can outwit Madoc, the manipulative, evil seer who wants every dragon destroyed. Whatever it takes, I’m here to fulfill my destiny under the light of the Dragon Moon.

NOTE:  Julie is a graphic designer as well as being a dynamite author. She has done all my book covers as well as covers, banners, etc. for many other authors. For quality and affordable work, check out her website.