Monday, November 30, 2015

Hey Everyone!! :-)   I'm excited to announce the release of Captivated By The Winter King, the newest in the series, Spellbound Hearts. Congratulations, Mistral.

See below for availability.

It’s finally here!!!   :-)  Captivated By The Winter King is out and available for download!!! :-)  You can find it at these retailers:



Barnes & Noble:



I’m so grateful for all of your encouragement and support, and I really, really, really hope you like this newest installment in my Spellbound Hearts series!!  Please consider leaving a review so I’ll know what you liked and what you thought needed improvment! :-)  You readers are my favorite people in the whole world, and you make writing a joy.  So, thank you!! :-)  To help show my appreciation, I’ve posted the first chapter of Captivated By The Winter King below.  Have a safe and happy holiday season, everyone, and happy reading!!! :-)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Just a little hug from me. 

My daddy always told me that we have a choice each morning... whether to open our eyes with grace, ready to face whatever the day brings, or to wake with a scowl. I always chose and continue to choose the former, for I cannot imagine going through a day dreading the next moment. 

Be thankful for each little blessing that comes your way and enjoy the day with your family.

Peace and love,

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


New design starting Monday, November 30. This plan has been in the works for weeks, so if anyone reads this and thinks I took your idea, it ain't so.


Marvelous Monday
Tiny Tuesday
Wacky Wednesday
Thankful Thursday
Finally Friday

Saturdays and Sundays will be off days unless there is a special occasion.

Look for a post on Monday, Nov. 30. when I'll be proud to announce the release of book 4 in a's a surprise.

Look for you then. :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

I'm proud to announce the release of  THE BOY WITH WORDS by CE Wilson. CONGRATULATIONS and much success. :)

Take only what can be used. Take only what won’t be missed. The Creators are watching all of us.
White Frost lives in a world cloaked in darkness and ignorance. While most people in her society are content to live in fearful peace, White’s cousin brings her words from the mysterious Unknown. Strange collections of written words that tease her that there may be more to the world than candlelight and dank hallways.
But when tragedy strikes, White can no longer rely on the words to give her solace. She must discover what lies beyond the only world she’s ever known… no matter the cost.
Eventually, White finds her way to the skies and there she discovers that the tantalizing clues of her words are only pale reflections of the massive and wondrous world above. Colors she never thought possible. Blinding light. And an impossible being who may or may not be the Creator of it all.
But this information comes at a price White Frost is not sure she can pay.
White’s hunger for knowledge proves to be her greatest strength and weakness as she strives to learn more. But as she learns, she has to wonder – is there such a thing as too much information? And what will happen as it brings her closer to a being who could destroy everything she’s ever known?
Find out in Five Seven Five, the first book in a two part series entitled The Boy with Words.
Other Works: To Nowhere, The Promise
Contact Information:
Twitter: @cewilson1

Friday, November 13, 2015

I'd like to introduce you to Elle Klass, a friend of mine, whose book is being released today. I'm so proud to share this with you.


Author Bio:
Elle Klass is the author of mystery, suspense, and contemporary fiction. Her works include As Snow Falls, Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy, and the Baby Girl series. Her work Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy is a Reader’s Favorite Fiction-Paranormal Finalist in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Awards. She is a night-owl where her imagination feeds off shadows, and creaks in the attic. Visit her website at

Evan O’Conner isn’t a normal child. His father’s alcoholism and mother’s abuse drives him to concoct a plan to rid his life of them permanently. The night is fraught with a horrendous storm, thunder and lightning as the beast inside him is born. Even in her death his mother won’t leave. She haunts his subconscious as he attempts over and over to kill her.

Evan meets his match when Officer Burkhalder enters the picture. One of her closest friends and his family fall victim to violent deaths during the worst hurricane Billows Hollow has ever seen. With only a sketch she learns the identity of the perpetrator and digs into his life, pries into his past – hunting him. Will she stop him? Or will somebody else?

The Calm Before the Storm
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