Wednesday, January 20, 2016

*****COVER REVEAL*****

I am very proud to share my recent covers with you, done by the amazingly talented Julie Nicholls. You can check her out here at her facebook site, Mirishka's Artwork.

Lycan Love has been reborn as Lycan Heart. This is the basis for a new series, Mystic Hearts, and tells the story of the Flannerys, a family of shifters. In Lycan Heart, we meet Robert Flannery, the father, his two sons, Justin and Jared, and Julia, Justin's mate.

Dark Lycan, to be released in mid to late February, continues the story of the Flannerys, concentrating on Jared, one of Robert's sons, and his mate, Tara. 

Tune in for weekly updates on the characters in Dark Lycan.