Monday, January 30, 2017


This will begin a new feature, the Monday Spotlight. Shown will be people I have had the pleasure of knowing and a few I've never met. Today, I'll begin with an obvious parents. 

Jean and Henry were quite a pair. They met by accident, or should I say because of an accident. Mom was riding her bike at the local elementary school where dad was in charge of the neighborhood boys' club. She was 15, he was 21. She noticed the tall, handsome young man, and not paying attention to where she was going, ran her bike over the curb, falling basically at his feet. That began a relationship that lasted from their marriage six years later through the following fifty years. Both were blessed with good looks, intelligence, and big dreams. 

My father had a glorious voice and mom was an avid reader and writer. In a few years, the births of myself and three precious sisters made the family complete. Mom's culinary skills were legendary and our house was filled with visits from family and friends who enjoyed the camaraderie and good food.

After some years in the city where dad attended college, our family relocated to the small southern town where he was born. Life was good there. Raised in that environment, we enjoyed the relative safety and security we found. We never locked our doors, and church on Sunday was followed by family dinners and fried chicken. Dad would go to bed early, by nine every night, and the rest of us would enjoy cards and conversation, our favorite TV programs, or a good book.

As with any family, there was sadness... the most devastating, the loss of one of my sisters, Jeanie, killed by a drunk driver at the age of thirteen. Despite their grief, mom and dad made sure their remaining daughters were provided with strength and counsel from loving relatives and friends. 

They put my sisters and I through college despite their limited funds, sacrificing their dreams for ours. The years after retirement were spent with family and community, and when mom and dad passed, the days of unlocked doors went with them. 

My parents left us with something worth more than any material possession...a sense of self, of having a purpose in life. We were taught to wake each day with a smile, that every action we took must be made with respect for others, and to always be kind to those less fortunate.

Thank you mom and dad. 
Love always.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Today's spot goes to the very talented Julie Nicholls. The Fallen Angels series has had a makeover, both stories and covers. This powerful series, in my estimation, was outstanding as it was, but now is far beyond that mark.


This 3 in 1 eBook contains Demon Within, Angel Within, and Ascension Within.
In Demon Within, Kai, who was sold into slavery at the age of six by his mother, learns that killing brings rewards. Raised by slavers and put in the fighting pits of Darkmide after they learn he has something inside which makes him invincible in battle, they use him for sport. Following years of servitude at the hands of the slavers, Kai breaks free and mounts a rebellion, earning a reputation as a powerful Warrior. An alliance between a king sets him on a path he could never imagine. After meeting the king's daughter, Eloise, they build a relationship and discover secrets about themselves and the world around them. The second book, Angel Within, brings more trials for Kai and Eloise, and a powerful witch joins forces with a mercenary from their past to bring forth the most powerful of all Fallen Angels, Samyaza. Book three, Ascension Within... the conclusion of this story gives us all the answers we've been waiting for. The angels have been playing a game, one that could end all humanity. Will the mortal world survive the game played by powerful angels?

This Fallen Angel Series is a new and alternate addition to the fallen angel tradition of Sylvia Day and J R Ward.

Get your copy here:



Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Well, how do you like my moniker? Belladonna Nightshade here. Since this is my first appearance, I thought I'd tell you a little about myself. Born in a small rural town, I grew up with one parent, mom. She was a gruff woman but gave me all the love she could. Taught me to have grit and never to take shit from anyone. Blessed with good looks, I learned early what men wanted. I fell for a handsome rascal, ignoring mom's warning, and when he tossed me aside after a hot romance lasting only a month, I realized what she had been trying to tell me. That encounter set my course in life, and shortly after high school, I decided to leave the spot in the road and head for bigger ponds and better fish.

A cousin suggested the nation's capital, so I settled close by in an modest apartment, took a job waiting tables, and waited for a knight to rescue me. Enter the scene, one hot Italian, one of my lunchtime customers. I played it cool, a look of disinterest on my face, but I did notice his expensive suit. My intended either looked the part or was as he appeared, and I gave him my best service. Wait, that came later. *smirk*

He was at lunch for the next three days, sitting at one of the tables in my section. His smile was one of anticipation and the next day, he asked me out to dinner. I said 'yes', trying not to dance on the spot. 

Dinner was, as I expected, at his house, and what a house it was. Spacious with expensive art, five bedrooms, each with its own bath...and a pool. He gave me the tour, then we walked to the dining room. The table was set for two, simple but elegant. The food was delicious and the conversation exciting. I found myself liking him, something I had not anticipated and what followed was even more of a surprise.



Monday, January 23, 2017


Hello, my friends. It's been quite a while since you've heard from me. Occasionally, one must take a break and regroup, and in that spirit, I have decided to invite someone to share this page. Our friendship began many years ago and her actions and opinions have been a source of fascination and sometimes, amusement. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. I will be posting Monday and Friday, giving Wednesday to my raconteur, Belladonna Nightshade. The floor is yours. :)

Thanks, Barb. I remember the day we met. Your sister was visiting and we made our acquaintance at the pool. When she introduced us, I knew we would be friends. I appreciate you giving me this forum to record my thoughts and actions. I'm looking forward to sharing stories from my 'checkered' past and hope I don't make you blush too much. 👅

Belladonna, you never made me my head, maybe, but always with a smile. Here is my favorite photo of you. Looking forward to your post on Wednesday. ❤


Sunday, January 1, 2017

 Reflection on 2016 brings gratitude, laughter, and tears. 

Gratitude for family,friends, and loving pets
Laughter shared with others
Tears for the losses of those we loved and admired

Our days consist of routine, and often we lose our sense of self, of what is most important. Among the life lessons learned from my parents is this most treasured one....wake each day not with a frown, dreading the day to come, but with a smile, facing your day with a positive attitude, despite what life hands you. 

We've all dealt with illness and loss of loved ones.  They leave an emptiness that can only be filled with the memories we have. Those we carry in our hearts, thankful for the light they brought to our lives.  A kind word or a smile passes the light on to others, perhaps when they need it most. Be confident in your abilities. You are infinitely braver and smarter than you could ever imagine. Lastly, care for those who cannot care for themselves, always with respect and love.

Wishing each of you success and happiness in 2017.