Friday, April 22, 2016


Gina Moray's 


Are you ready for your next greatest scare?

On April 23, 2016, be ready to experience the dark side of rural America.
From the up and coming horror writer, Gina Moray…
The Guardians!

What’s a little deception and murder when it comes to getting ahead?
Runner’s Mill is a small, peaceful farming town, but not without its problems. Fourth generation farmer, Hank Smithson, is one of many in trouble with substandard crops and underhanded tactics at the hands of his competition. Now he’s at risk of losing his home and livelihood. A mysterious stranger, known only as LaReux, offers him a solution to his problems. Hank quickly becomes seduced by promises of a successful harvest, and agrees to his help. He soon learns that success comes with a price and he will have to decide how much he’s willing to pay to survive. 

“He grabbed what he sought and slowly pulled his hand out, grasping her heart. She fell to the floor, lifeless, and he stepped away to avoid the blood running out of her mouth. He looked down at her admiringly. ‘You had the heart of a lion.’ He brought the flesh to his mouth and took a single bite before tossing the rest on the floor next to her corpse.”

“The Guardians will hold you in its icy palm from the first page...” – B. Chioffi, author of Trickery

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*Paperbacks will be available at a later date.

Want a chance to meet the author?

The Dichotomous Author is sponsoring a Facebook event on April 23rd to celebrate the release of The Guardians. Stop by and get a chance to hang out and ask Gina questions as well as meet other amazing authors.
Event: The Guardians Release Facebook Party and Author Takeover

Gina Moray will take over at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Looking for a lighter scare?

Cemetery at Devil’s Bend is currently available on e-book.

Something strange is happening to Pine Creek. A cemetery pops up just outside of town and it’s fueling the residents’ fears. The headstones bear the names of deceased residents buried in town, and the townsfolk are left wondering … what’s buried beneath the soil? Marty Duller, a historian with a passion for cemeteries, starts to ask questions and learns that all is not what it seems in Pine Creek. There are more than bodies buried in the town’s history and their very souls may be at risk.

About Gina Moray

Gina Moray is an indie writer of horror and thriller, living in Tennessee, with a desire to unleash her own brand of horror on the world. She’s loved horror since a young age, with her first books, Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf, read at the tender age of 8. Her stories are not pretty. She writes across the whole spectrum of horror, from the mildly spooky all the way to extreme horror.