Monday, January 18, 2016

I don't often express myself unless it's in a book, but today, I feel the need. 

Lately, I've noticed many instances of harassment on my one social media site. Being rather naive, I didn't understand the need to report someone for an infraction unless it was of an abusive nature.  After all, the millions that utilize these sites do so with the intent of connecting with friends and/or making new ones. 

Today, another friend was blocked by an 'unknown person' for simply commenting/ voting on a webpage. They followed the posted rules, so there shouldn't have been a problem.  I'm shaking my head, having seen this so many times recently.

Whatever happened to 'live and let live'? For the most part, social media is a blessing, a way to reach people with your particular message. Every now and then, however, someone slips through, reminding us that mean-spirited people are lurking, waiting for an opportunity to cause problems. I like that word, lurking. Maybe I'll call them the LURKERS.

I think if you are reported, you should be able to confront the one who did so, and if they have a legitimate complaint, it can be discussed and solved. Otherwise, as the British so beautifully say, 'bugger off '.