Tuesday, June 23, 2015

 I was reading the previous posts by my fellow bloggers and all are excellent, sharing personal takes on being positive. We all need reassurance from time to time, and if you've been reading, there are so many ways to receive this, whether it is from within or from another person. 

My father always told me that I had a choice to decide, each day, that I was going to greet that day with a smile and I have always tried to do so. We can't control everything that happens, but we can put ourselves in a positive frame of mind and that will help with what the day brings. 

When there are times when nothing seems to be going well, I try to think of what blessings I have and what I am thankful for.

So here is my latest list:

I love my fellow bloggers...Mistral Dawn, Julie Nicholls, Savannah Morgan, Jen Winters, and Susan Ricci. They have enhanced my life immensely and brought me friendship, support and laughter.

My family gives support in their own quiet way, sometimes with just a touch.

Paulette two doors down knocks on my door unexpectedly to bring me a dozen homemade yeast rolls which I confess I can't resist, consuming far more than my share.

 My daily discussions with a dear friend on facebook are the highlight of my day and there are no holds barred. which really makes me chuckle.

The hummingbirds are a sweet delight as they carry on their aerial battles over the feeder.

I think you get the idea. Make your own list either mentally or written. Refer to it often. You'll find that it changes as you do and as the times dictate. Life can be difficult with losses, illnesses, etc., but if you try to keep a bit of a smile in your day, it can go a long way toward helping your mood and in turn, your health.