Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Welcome to Tiny Tuesday

Today will be a departure from 'tiny', as there is nothing tiny about this author's talent. I am proud to introduce Claire Plaisted.

Congratulations on the release of Double Crossed!!

Hi my name is Claire Plaisted.  I am married with four children and a wonderful life in Rotorua, New Zealand.  I am a Family History Researcher who fell into writing by accident in 2011 while waiting for information for a Family History Book.  It wasn’t GIB though will be published next year.

I write many different genres including children's, young adults, historical and of course GIB which has at least another 3 books to be written.  I have published 10 books so far. All in kindle and a few in paperback.

I am also an Indie Publisher for Indie Authors as well as making photo books, family history books and much more.

Double Crossed is the 5th book in the Garrett Investigation Bureau Series, though it is in fact the 6th book due to the prequel ‘Hidden Agenda,” which is the third book I wrote.  Confused…Yeah I’m good like that. 

Double Crossed is about Jones, a man of mystery who has been around for a long time.  I would call him a Double Agent, others might call him a Slave serving a Master.  Who is he really and what does he have to do to get his life in order?
 Follow him and a team of security agents though time, torture, paranormal, and even a cult to see if his life is worth saving.  Can he be a hero after all? 

Where it all started.

Garrett Investigations Bureau was born in 2013 and first published on 7th November 2013.  This was my first official Series. 

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