Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crazy Cat Lady here.

 I've been organizing pictures all morning and just have to share. We began cat rescue almost ten years ago and now have 9 cats. We love each of them and they bring so much pleasure. Let me introduce them.

This lovely lady is Oreo, the first of the three original ones we rescued. She is The Queen and rules the roost. No one bothers 

Now grown, Oreo's 'children' were hilarious as kittens. I remember them running through the house en masse, and not being able to balance yet, their tails would be straight up.

This handsome fellow is Scrapper, the last of the original three to be caught. He is very intelligent and it took my son several tries before he could catch him. They played hide and seek for hours. Scrapper is a talker and we carry on extremely involved conversations. :)

Here we have Oreo, her sister rescued with her,  and Gizzy, the little calico. She was the last to join our feline household. I found her on the porch one morning, too sick to make it to the food dish. I brought her in, gave her a bath, and bottle fed her for a few days. Now, she is a healthy member of the 'glaring'.  Looked up the collective name for cats and I think that fits. Ha!

This is a fairly recent picture. All are present except for the sister of Oreo and Scrapper. She ran when I brought out the camera. I know, I have taken so many pictures that the expression on their faces looks like..."OMG, she's at it again."

We love our furbabies. I hope you've enjoyed meeting them.