Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 9 on our Positivity Tour brings to mind several methods for dealing with days when the writing just doesn't pop.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a little imp called 'writer's block' invades your psyche? You sit down to write in your favorite place, only to find yourself staring at a blank screen. No matter what you do, the words just won't come. Well, I'm definitely no expert, but I want to share with you several methods I've found useful.

First, being a music teacher and singer for most of my life, my treasured go to is always music. Rhapsody and You Tube have been lifesavers when faced with a blank slate. I must have over a hundred playlists from every genre and my mood at the time determines my choice. Favored genres are opera, which always makes my heart soar, and the other end of the spectrum, modern rock. They both serve a purpose when I'm writing and also when I can't put a word on the page.

Don't laugh, but I love to color. :) There have recently been a number of adult coloring books to appear on Amazon as well as other venues. The designs vary from detailed to simple and all provide a good measure of calmness.  I can actually feel myself relaxing as the page comes alive.

The point I'm trying to make is that you all probably have your favorite methods to get in touch with your muse. Share these with each other, as I know all writers have days when nothing flows...ideas, words, mental pictures, etc. We are all blessed with a love of words and putting these words on paper, and regardless of your talent, I do believe that we should all aid each other whenever possible. 

That's it for today. Share and support, please.