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Lisa Kulow

The world is being torn apart for the people of Atlantis, although this isn't the tale you’re used to hearing. The royal family, including Crown Prince Kyrian, is unable to comprehend the destruction around them. In the midst of a plague, the solution seems to be a lovely young Lady named Yew'll, who is immune. 
The Prince is immediately enraptured by her beauty and sparks fly. While King Urian is making final preparations for his people’s safety and his family, he asks Prince Kyrian to come to him in a secret room in the palace before midnite with the most important thing to him.
As the Gods' fury rains down on them, the people of Atlantis must make decisions. Strange things are happening, and the room makes strange surreal. This is not your average tale of Atlantis.
Did Atlantis really disappear forever? Or did they have another place to go?

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About Lisa Kulow

I am a disabled homemaker. I live with my husband Steve Kulow, and we have had 30 happy years. I have always loved to read! I hoped to one day become an Author.
That has finally happened. If your here thank you for your support. I have 4 wonderful children. And three precious grandchildren. I love most genre's fantasy, paranormal, sci fi, historical, mythology is a passion of mine. Romance of any kind including Dianna Love, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K Hamilton. Julie Nicholls and Barbara Chioffi. And I love horror as well. Stephen King, and Dean Koontz , Kimberly Shursen among many others.
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Gina Moray's 


Are you ready for your next greatest scare?

On April 23, 2016, be ready to experience the dark side of rural America.
From the up and coming horror writer, Gina Moray…
The Guardians!

What’s a little deception and murder when it comes to getting ahead?
Runner’s Mill is a small, peaceful farming town, but not without its problems. Fourth generation farmer, Hank Smithson, is one of many in trouble with substandard crops and underhanded tactics at the hands of his competition. Now he’s at risk of losing his home and livelihood. A mysterious stranger, known only as LaReux, offers him a solution to his problems. Hank quickly becomes seduced by promises of a successful harvest, and agrees to his help. He soon learns that success comes with a price and he will have to decide how much he’s willing to pay to survive. 

“He grabbed what he sought and slowly pulled his hand out, grasping her heart. She fell to the floor, lifeless, and he stepped away to avoid the blood running out of her mouth. He looked down at her admiringly. ‘You had the heart of a lion.’ He brought the flesh to his mouth and took a single bite before tossing the rest on the floor next to her corpse.”

“The Guardians will hold you in its icy palm from the first page...” – B. Chioffi, author of Trickery

Pre-order your e-book* now, on Amazon, through April 23rd and get it at a special promotional price.

On April 23rd, grab a copy on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other e-book retailers.
*Paperbacks will be available at a later date.

Want a chance to meet the author?

The Dichotomous Author is sponsoring a Facebook event on April 23rd to celebrate the release of The Guardians. Stop by and get a chance to hang out and ask Gina questions as well as meet other amazing authors.
Event: The Guardians Release Facebook Party and Author Takeover

Gina Moray will take over at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Looking for a lighter scare?

Cemetery at Devil’s Bend is currently available on e-book.

Something strange is happening to Pine Creek. A cemetery pops up just outside of town and it’s fueling the residents’ fears. The headstones bear the names of deceased residents buried in town, and the townsfolk are left wondering … what’s buried beneath the soil? Marty Duller, a historian with a passion for cemeteries, starts to ask questions and learns that all is not what it seems in Pine Creek. There are more than bodies buried in the town’s history and their very souls may be at risk.

About Gina Moray

Gina Moray is an indie writer of horror and thriller, living in Tennessee, with a desire to unleash her own brand of horror on the world. She’s loved horror since a young age, with her first books, Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf, read at the tender age of 8. Her stories are not pretty. She writes across the whole spectrum of horror, from the mildly spooky all the way to extreme horror. 


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********NEW RELEASE********




Have you ever had a terrible secret you didn't want anyone to know? Petri does and it may get her killed. Life is hard on Upworld, especially for the residents of Under City, and it's even harder for those who don't fit in. Petri has alway been different and now those differences may cost her life. Her one hope is to leave the only home she's ever known while evading the mob that's calling for her blood. But Petri has never been outside of her sector of Under City, never mind off the planet. And the laws of Upworld forbid people like her from leaving. Will Petri overcome the odds and make good her escape? Maybe...with a little help from her friends.

Get your copy here.

Check out the you tube video.


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Mistral Dawn's


And here to tell you a little about her upcoming book is my friend, Mistral:

Hey Everyone!!! :-)

Guess what? It's finally here!!  Rainbow Dreams is now available for preorder from the following merchants:

What's it about?  I'm glad you asked!  Here's the blurb:

Have you ever had a terrible secret you didn't want anyone to know? Petri does and it may get her killed. Life is hard on Upworld, especially for the residents of Under City, and it's even harder for those who don't fit in. Petri has alway been different and now those differences may cost her life. Her one hope is to leave the only home she's ever known while evading the mob that's calling for her blood. But Petri has never been outside of her sector of Under City, never mind off the planet. And the laws of Upworld forbid people like her from leaving. Will Petri overcome the odds and make good her escape? Maybe...with a little help from her friends.
Sound interesting?  Good!  And get a load of that cover!!!  It's courtesy of the FANTABULOUS Julie Nicholls!!  If you'd like to see more of her incredible work, check out her website here:

I also want to let you all know about an Amazon Giveaway I'm running for Captivated By The Winter King.  It's free to enter!  Rainbow Dreams won't be released until April 19th, so in the meantime you can get your sexy romance fix with some dreamy Fae! ;-)

Okay, okay, I know, enough stalling.  If you're as excited as I am about this story, I know you're all ready for a peek:

Rainbow Dreams Chapter One Excerpt

Lightning bolts of fire and ice shot up and down Petri's spine as she moved over the human man on the bed. Her short, slender body bowed with the sensations that washed over her. His lust was like a fountain of cold water on a hot day, and she was parched. It had been too long; she needed this. Desperately.

Looking down at him as she slid her body onto his straining cock, she smiled. This client had wanted to be blindfolded; he said he enjoyed the mystery. There was more mystery in Petri than most humans would know what to do with, so that was fine with her. With him blindfolded, she didn't need to be careful to keep her own eyes shut. This was going to be a good feed, and there was no way she could have kept her eyes from glowing.

The man moaned in pleasure. Being fed upon felt as good for humans as feeding did for Petri. None of her clients knew she sipped from their energy, their life force, when she fucked them. All they knew was that she was one hell of a talented dolly. A win-win for all involved.

This client was a regular; Petri had shown him many times how good it could be with her. Some of her regulars came to crave her, almost like the dream dust that was sold in the club below. They were guaranteed repeat business, and she always made sure to show them a good time. After all, that was her job.

The energy of the man's lust filled Petri as she glided up and down on top of him. She shivered. It was renewing, rejuvenating. She couldn't get enough. A few grains of dust remained on his upper lip as evidence of his earlier indulgence in some of the chemical delights that were available at Abracadabra.

It was clear her client was high long before Petri started feeding. Before she blindfolded him, she had noted the man's dilated pupils and the flush of pleasure on his face. She had no doubt the management of Abracadabra would go to great lengths to make sure he received the maximum enjoyment possible during his visit. There was a reason it was the hottest nightclub in this part of Under City.

The club specialized in hedonism in all its forms. Drugs of every description, games, gambling, and other, darker pleasures could be found within its walls. House dollies, little more than sex slaves, waited to fulfill the customers' every desire. Freelance dollies, like Petri, rented space to ply their trade as well. The house allowed it because the dollies offered the club's clientele more variety and were motivated to attract business. Once a patron had satisfied their lust, they often wandered downstairs in search of other entertainments.

Leaning down, Petri pressed her cat-like mouth to her client's lips in a sizzling kiss. Their tongues tangled as he responded, and she undulated her hips against his, faster and faster. The drugs he had consumed tainted his energy, giving Petri a pleasant buzz. She never took dust herself since it interfered with her ability to control her power, but she enjoyed the effect when one of her johns indulged. As their sex intensified, Petri drank deeper, swallowing down the man's whimpers and sighs of ecstasy as she swallowed his desire.

Lost in the haze of feeding for the first time in days, Petri didn't realize it at first when the man suddenly went still underneath her. His penis remained stiff and eager inside her, and she continued to ride it, draining his energy. It was only when the cold, clamminess of his skin penetrated the pleasurable trance she often sank into when feeding that she realized that she had gone too far. Her heart skipped a beat.

Swinging her leg over him, she clambered off his body and knelt beside him on the bed. She grabbed his shoulder, shaking him, but there was no response. He was as still and cold as death.

Petri's breath froze in her chest as she tried to suppress her rising panic. She slapped him, hard, across his face, trying to provoke a response. There was nothing. Leaning down, she put her ear against his chest, listening for something, anything. Any sign that a spark of life remained in the man. She wasn't sure, but she thought she might have heard a faint fluttering within.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and put her hands on his chest, fingers splayed. She had never done this before, but her instincts said it might work. The process of drawing energy from others had come automatically when she reached physical maturity. It was as natural as breathing to her. But reversing the flow of energy… That was something else altogether. She forced herself to focus; all she could do was try.

Reaching down into the well of energy within her, Petri tried to snag a wisp of it. It was like trying to catch fog. Gritting her teeth, she concentrated and managed to grab a small piece of the mist and tease it up, out of herself and back into the man. It flowed at a slow trickle, but it did flow. The man took a deep breath and Petri slumped in relief.

Before she could stop him, or even turn away, the man reached up and snatched the blindfold from his face. When he saw her glowing eyes, he shrieked, "Mgeni!"

Petri swore. She knew she didn't have much time. Sitting up, she sucker-punched her client hard in his stomach. The man folded over, clutching his gut, just like she knew he would. As her former client coughed and wheezed, Petri scrambled into her tight, red mini-dress and stiletto pumps and clambered out the window. She couldn't risk trying to make it through the crowded club below; she needed to be gone before the man recovered enough to sound the alarm.

Whoo! I guess she's in some trouble!  Want to find out what happens next?  Reserve your copy today so you'll get it without delay on the 19th! ;-)  Thank you all for stopping by today and for your interest in my first foray into the sci-fi genre!!  Have an awesome rest of the week!

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Today, I am reblogging for a friend. Please share.
From Scott Borgman

The BORGman Collective

This won't be a long blog, so I hope you'll take the few minutes to read it. I try to do what I can to help support other authors, causes, charities, local area fundraisers... just to name a few. On April 30, 2016, I'll be taking part in Walk MS: Marshfield. And I would like to ask for your support.
Having been diagnosed with MS myself late last year, this is something that I am doing - not only because it's a for a good cause, but because I know personally how it has affected both myself and those closest to me. There is no cure for MS. Much of the disease is not even understood because of how randomly it effects those of us who have it. How random? Anywhere from a few months to ten years or more between 'fits' as we call them.
It's a waiting game, more or less. You wake up every morning and go about your day as you always do, but in the back of your mind, there's the thought: Is today the day another fit is going to strike?
I found out I had MS rather brutally. What started with tingling in my fingers one day, which I initially assumed had been because I had simply slept weird, spread to my palms within a day. A few days later, my left leg went dead. I literally had to drag it around. Walking was nearly impossible. It lasted for almost a month before the fit ended and I could walk normally again. For now.
You see, there are several different forms of MS that have been discovered. Mine happens to be Progressive Relapsing MS. The simple explanation for PRMS is that it gets progressively worse with each recurring fit. Which means the next time it hits, it will likely be as bad or worse than the last fit. Each fit leaves a permanent scar on the brain, kind of like a sick, demented 'I was here' tag. The MRI that I had done revealed that it had not been the first fit for me - it had been the seventh. 
So I'm taking part in Walk MS: Marshfield while I can, because the next time it hits, I may not get the use of my leg back, or worse. No one - not even my specialist, who has studied and devoted the last twenty years of his life to studying the disease and trying to understand it - knows what will happen.
MS is like lightning during a thunderstorm. Others like me who have MS know the lightning will strike, but none of us know when, or what will be affected. That's what makes it such a difficult disease, not only for us but for our loved ones. 
My wife, Nyki, has formed a team of us who will be walking on April 30, 2016 in Marshfield, WI. As I'm a Star Trek geek, I came up with our team name, The BORGman Collective (I thought it was rather clever!)
We would like to raise funds for the National MS Society, which is what this walk is for. Any donation you make goes directly to them.
From left to right:
DeAnna, Michael, Jhessica, Scott, and Nyki Borgman
Here is the link, which will take you to the team page:
I hope you will make a donation, no matter what amount, and help spread the word. Bloggers: please reblog. Tweeters: please blast the Twitterverse. Facebookers: please click that share button.
As an author, my job is to bring out the emotions of my readers. I hope I have succeeded in that endeavor with this blog. Thank you everyone.

All My Best,

Scott A. Borgman

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On-the-Job Training
Jordan Buchanan

On-the-Job Training was never sexy…until now.

He wasn’t a billionaire with a dungeon full of toys; he was the Dom she’d always wanted.
She wasn’t a wide-eyed young innocent she was the submissive he’d always needed.

For everyone who thinks they’re not young enough, rich enough, or thin enough to have a hot, sexy, BDSM romance—here’s a story of D/s in the real world.

At 42, John Mackenzie finds himself starting over. He lost his beloved wife to cancer. His mentor and partner in their architectural firm suffers a stroke and dies soon after. Jacqueline Deane, the not-so-grieving widow, makes no secret she has designs on John. His exit strategy includes opening a private office in the guest cottage at his home. With new business coming in faster than he ever imagined, John soon needs to hire an assistant.

Laura Benson is an empty-nester, her only child in college halfway across the country. Happily divorced, she’s looking for a more fulfilling job and dreaming of the kind of passion she’s known only in the romance novels she reads. When a mutual friend puts her in contact with John, she jumps at the opportunity for change.

During the interview, each feels a spark, and John hires Laura on the spot.  After fighting their growing attraction to each other as long as they can, they begin to explore building a Dom/sub relationship that works for them. There’s only one problem distracting the couple from the euphoria of their new relationship. Someone is altering John’s job orders and substituting dangerously substandard materials and forging his signature on them. Before disaster strikes, John begins his search for the culprit while Laura contends with the platinum blonde shark—Jacqueline Deane. 

On-the-Job Training is a BDSM-themed romance serial released in four episodes: Orientation, Probation Period, Performance Review, and Permanent Position. WARNING: This title contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adults only. 

Jordan Buchanan was born and lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia most of her life. Now residing in northern Michigan, she misses the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, but living in the home state of the mighty Detroit Red Wings helps ease the pain.

Jordan writes erotic romance with both heart and heat. She has published the short story collection, 4Play, the novel, Xander’s Garden. Her current project is the serial romance On-the-Job Training; the first episode, Orientation, is now available on Amazon.

When she’s not reading, writing, or watching hockey, Jordan spends quality time with her charming husband, three young Labrador mixes, and two older, and a quite disgruntled cat.

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Today's featured author is

Barbara Chioffi

I'm doing something I usually do not do...promoting myself. I've been writing all my life... poems, journals, venting, etc. Last year, I made the acquaintance of an author I admire. Julie Nicholls  encouraged me to write a story for publication, and after months of  consternation, Angel Mine found its way to Amazon. My story had positive reviews. The comments received were appreciated and suggestions were heeded. I'm working to improve with each book. 

There are so many aspiring to be successful, and the sheer number guarantees many outstanding authors will get lost among the hundreds of thousands. I know many of those writers, ones whose words shine from the pages, making me smile as I read them. These writers I treasure, making sure I have their books on my kindle to read again and again.

So for what it's worth, here are my books so far. I hope, someday, to be among those whose writing I love. All covers done by Julie Nicholls.

Angel Mine

Jeza is a gorgeous redhead with a broken heart. One afternoon, she meets a handsome stranger at a local gun range and the sparks fly. Instant attraction results in a hot romance, but trouble looms on the horizon. Her former abusive boyfriend returns to reclaim her with dangerous intent. 18+

Lycan Heart (formally Lycan Love)

Julia Monroe has been wandering all her life, from one foster home to another, then one job to another. She meets a wealthy man, Robert Flannery, who becomes her employer. His son, Justin, is attracted to Julia and reveals himself to her; first as his wolf persona, then in his human form. As their relationship develops, Julia learns more about the secrets the Flannerys hold, ones that will lead to love, friendship, and danger. Recommended for 18 and older.


How about a little bait and switch? Three horror tales, each with a twist, three shifters with their own brand of terror. SILK, THIRSTY, and PREY will definitely keep you guessing. Intended for 18+.

Dark Lycan...released March 16, 2016

Tara Bentley has experienced much in her life. Losing her father while still in high school, she finds herself faced with a stepfather a year later. When she finally accepts him, rapid developments threaten to unravel her existence.

Attending a dinner with her parents, Tara meets a young man who proves to be a danger. She awakens in the woods, remembers being with him, but the rest eludes her. Found by a handsome shapeshifter, she is returned to her family.

Jared, her rescuer, begins to court her, and soon, they are in a loving relationship. Revelations come to light, involving her true heritage. These bring joy but also danger to her, as well as to Jared and his family.

Faced with the knowledge that her attacker is still at large, Tara must either decide to embrace her true nature to protect those she loves, or risk losing them.

18+ due to mature content.


After sitting with the same people for the second night in a row, Tara excused herself. Needing a break from the boredom, she stood on the balcony, elated to be alone. Lost in the scents of autumn, the night sang to her. It was comforting, like a warm blanket.
As she enjoyed the silence, Cody walked out a second door to stand nearby, interrupting the solitude. “Beautiful, isn’t it? I never tire of this view.”
“Yes. It’s gorgeous this time of year.”
“There’s a garden below with some dwarf sweetspire. Let’s take a look.” Cody suggested.
Tara sighed inwardly. She really wanted to be alone, but she didn’t like being rude to anyone. It seemed safe enough. After all, there was a gathering for dinner only a short distance away, and she was curious. Nodding, she followed Cody down the stairs to the patio.
He pointed to a large, colorful plant. “Tara, this is a beautiful sight in the spring. It’s green with white flowers.”
“Is this its fall color?” She touched the rich magenta leaves.
“Yes. It’s wearing its autumn coat.”
Tara smiled, appreciating his sense of humor.
“I was born and raised in this area,” Cody said. “There’s nothing like the mountains this time of year, anytime really. When the morning mist rolls down the hills, it’s magical.”
Lights from the first-floor foyer were shining, and Tara found herself relaxing with his friendly conversation. Pointing to a statue a distance away, he said, “This is the original owner of the inn, Winston Durham.”
Walking over to get a better view, she took her small camera from her purse to snap a picture.
“Hey, get one of me,” Cody said.
They both laughed as he mugged for the shot, standing in front of a bank of sweetspire at the base of the statue. Laughing, she forgot the warnings she felt before and leaned over to read the inscription on the statue. Cody moved, standing behind her.
Before she could make a sound, he grabbed her and covered her face with a cloth. Dropping the camera, she tried to scream, struggling in his iron grip, but he held her firmly in place. She felt dizzy, her struggles grew weaker, and she lost consciousness.

A heartfelt thanks to Julie Nicholls for your guidance and friendship. You can find her here: