Thursday, March 17, 2016

*********RELEASE DAY*********

Barbara Chioffi

Tara Bentley has experienced much in her life. Losing her father while still in high school, she finds herself with a stepfather a year later. Rapid developments threaten to unravel her existence.

Attending dinner with her parents, she meets a young man who proves to be treacherous. She awakens in the woods, remembers being kidnapped, but the rest eludes her. Found by a handsome shifter, Tara is taken for treatment, returning home soon after.

Jared, her rescuer, begins to court her, and soon, they are in a loving relationship. Revelations come to light involving her true heritage. These bring joy but also danger to her, as well as to Jared and his family.

Faced with the knowledge that her attacker is still at large, Tara must decide to embrace her true nature to protect those she loves, or risk losing them.

18+ due to adult situations.

She had many questions, but one consumed her. “If I am a wolf, why haven’t I changed? What will happen when I do?”
Jared smiled. “It is different for each of us. You will choose the time and place.”
Wanting to know more, but at the same time afraid, she asked, “What will I look like? Will I be one of those horrid werewolves from the movies?”
Jared laughed. “No, Tara. You will look like a wolf, only a little larger.”
Knowing what a wolf looked like, she couldn’t imagine herself as one, and not being able to resist, she asked, “Please show me your wolf so I will have some idea.”
Jared took a deep breath. “I’m not sure you’re ready.”
“Yes, I am. Please.” She held her breath in anticipation, partly from fear, but mostly from curiosity.
He stood, moving to the middle of the room. His breathing became deeper, and his head went back. Closing his eyes and almost faster than she could see, he seemed to melt, flowing down and reforming. Tara’s mouth fell open. Standing where he had been was a large, black wolf with golden eyes. He was staring at her, making no movement.
Tara rose slowly and walked around the end of the sofa. Knowing Jared would never hurt her, she wasn’t as sure about this creature. She kept her motions slow but steady, stopping several feet away. He was magnificent, a true wolf, only much larger than she thought he would be. He glared at her, and she experienced a moment of panic.
As if to reassure her, the wolf reclined with its paws before him. Tara sank to her knees and moving closer, she calmed herself and put out her hand, palm up, allowing him to become used to her scent. Instinctively knowing this wolf had a mind of its own, she stayed still. Then he licked her hand. It tickled and Tara giggled. The wolf turned his head to one side as if he enjoyed the sound. Moving closer and looking into his eyes, she put her hand on his side. The fur was thick, and her other hand followed until both were lost in its softness. She closed her eyes and he licked her face. Laughing, she said, “That tickles.”
A growl sounded which caught her off guard, and leaning back, she blinked. The wolf was gone, and Jared was kneeling before her. "You taste like strawberries and spice.”