Monday, June 22, 2015


Mom belonged to a group of women affectionately known as the Eufaula Eight or So. They were all middle-aged and belonged to our local Methodist Church. Being together for over twenty years had given them the perspective of time and wisdom. I always wondered what they discussed and was usually given the cryptic answer, "Whatever happens to fall out of the sky".  I did know that they had a list to pray for each week.

One Saturday morning, I was up early, made my coffee, and left for the local church where our choir was to give a concert. Upon my arrival, I discovered that the air conditioner wasn't working. It was the middle of June, one of those early hot days that you don't expect, one that takes your breath away with its arrival. If it's something I can't stand, it's being hot and not able to escape it. I was miserable. Also, having to sit on a narrow window sill of one of the church windows didn't help. I was becoming increasingly agitated with each passing moment.

Suddenly, I found myself walking down a cool forest path.  The trees formed a canopy overhead. The sunlight played over the leaves making ever-changing patterns on the forest floor. As I walked, I delighted in the sounds and smells of the woods I loved. The path led to a shady pool surrounded totally by trees and bushes. A huge rock covered with moss was at one end with smaller rocks nearby. I found myself in the water, sinking in in the cool green, with sunlight filtering through. It was the calmest feeling I had ever experienced...perfect peace.

 I was back in the church, sitting in the same window, no longer agitated, hot, or hurting. I looked over the faces in the crowd, some familiar, most not. Who had given me this perspective, this gift of calm and peace? I received no affirmation, no acknowledgement. I couldn't wait to get to the phone to mom and our usual Saturday morning conversation. As I related the events, she remained silent, making no comment. When I had completed my wondrous revelation, she uttered five words that would have an effect on me for many years...."I'll be damned, it works".

She and her group had created a 'soul pool' in which they placed all their children and the people on their prayer list. They did this each morning at the same time, faithfully, through their many years together.  I had described the pool and surrounding woods perfectly down to the smallest detail.

Mom and I shared many psychic connections through the years. Those waned when my son was born. The 'soul pool', however, remains vivid to this day, a testament to her unending spirit, her quest for knowledge, and her belief in a rewarding hereafter.