Monday, September 19, 2016


Today's post features the multi-talented Julie Nicholls and her new book, Dragon Moon, which is up for nomination in the Kindle Scout program. Follow the link and read the first 5k, and if you think this is a book you'd like to read, click "nominate". If accepted, you will receive a free copy.

DRAGON MOON – Young Adult Fantasy


I’m nineteen and wish I had a clue about my future. Instead of my own bed, this morning I woke in the strange land of Lur Neval. My name is Scarlett, but the Nevalese call me Dragon Mage. Seems it’s my job to preserve the all-important dragons and oh, while I’m here, bring peace to the warring clans. Piece of cake if I can outwit Madoc, the manipulative, evil seer who wants every dragon destroyed. Whatever it takes, I’m here to fulfill my destiny under the light of the Dragon Moon.

The best of luck, Julie.