Monday, May 11, 2015

Thought for the day:

There is nothing better than a good book, unless it is actually getting to know the author. I am very lucky in that I have made friends with Julie Nicholls, Mistral Dawn, Victoria Stolte, John Sloat, and so many others. The sheer volume of indie writers boggles my mind. We all have to help each other, for that is how we will succeed, creating a chain of friends linked by a common goal...the love of writing and the love of a good book.

Check out the authors mentioned above at

Julie Nicholls...Demon Within and Angel Within of her Fallen Angels series, the third to be     released in the fall.

Mistral Dawn...Taken By the Huntsman and Bound by the Summer Prince

Victoria Stolte...Far From Home, her debut novel

John Sloat...Makennan Novantumus, Book 1 and Makennan Novantumus, Book 2