Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Where was I? oh hot Italian. Shaking my head at the memories. Hot? Definitely. Alpha male? Absolutely. Imagine my surprise when he set me up in an apartment, he in one state, me in another. I realized early that my situation could best be described as 'mistress', but I agreed to our arrangement and entered into a relationship that profited both of us. My rent in a respectable apartment complex was paid for a year in advance, and he had me on retainer.

Making friends had always been easy, and soon, I enjoyed the company of residents in the complex. Days by the pool and nights entertaining helped pass the time when hot Italian was otherwise busy. I realized this wasn't the love I had always craved, but it would do.

Then I met Garrett. Intelligent and funny, he had a way that put me instantly at ease, something I had never felt around any man. Deciding that moving slowly would be a good idea, I promised to keep it 'friends only' and made a bet with myself to see how long it would last.

Sitting by the pool, Garrett and I were talking, oblivious to those around us. Someone called my name and turning, I froze. There stood my hot Italian, his expression one of displeasure.

To be continued