Thursday, July 16, 2015

Today, I'll be featuring a newly released short story....Fantazia, by Elize Love... and what a story it is. Here's my review.

This short story is filled with self-discovery, a journey for a woman who has become impatient and unhappy. She finds excitement in paranormal romance novels accompanied by a bottle of good wine. When Elsa meets Jasper, she can't keep her eyes or her imagination in check. He is the best looking man she has ever seen and as a janitor replacing a light bulb in her office, he certainly gives her libido a kick. Little does she know what waits for her. Jasper invites her to his club and she, not being able to resist, shows up one night and what she finds is exactly what she has needed. Fantazia will make you smile, give you moments of hot romance, but most of all, this is a fun read, one that will leave you with...."Where can I find a place like Fantazia".

I think you will enjoy this short read. Available at Amazon.