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Good morning, and please join me in welcoming a special guest. Meet CE Vance, author of How Maxwell Grover Stole My House.
ce vance
C.E. Vance is an avid reader and proud Indie author. Aside from dreaming up fantastical tales for her books, she also enjoys writing poetry and short stories. She loves all types of literature, but has a soft spot for children’s fantasy. “How Maxwell Grover Stole My House” is her debut novel and is the initial book in a trilogy for middle-grade readers. She happily resides with her husband and four children in Utah.
Additionally, Vance is also a fantastic supporter of indie authors via organizations such as IndieBooksBeSeen, Author Promo Co-op, and Get Down with the Awethors.
How Maxwell Grover Stole My House.
maxwell grover
Currently on sale at Amazon, How Maxwell Grover Stole My House tells the story of a ten-year-old boy who enlists his best friend’s help to try to figure out why a vindictive neighbor is trying to make his life a living hell.
Here is the official blurb:
What if every fear you ever had about your creepy next-door neighbor turned out to be true? 
10- year-old Zeke Langley has become the target of his nasty new neighbor, Maxwell Grover. For reasons known only to him, the unsavory stranger seems determined to make Zeke’s life miserable and force his family out of their home.
Inevitably, Zeke and his best friend Winks set out on a journey to discover what Grover is hiding. What they find sends them down a road they never imagined … and on a mission they may never return from.
Here are what some reviewers are saying about Maxwell Grover:
I loved this book from start to finish! It was so exciting and every page had me gripped. The characters are fantastic – particularly the disgusting Maxwell Grover himself. As a teacher of 9-11 year olds, I imagine that every kid in my class would just adore this book, but it isn’t just for kids. The idea of a sadistic, bullying adult picking on kids is something everybody can be afraid of. It locks into something inside every one of us, and you just can’t help but root for the kids to come out on top.

Surprisingly, even though I knew the ending (it’s the title of the book for goodness sake!), I actually didn’t expect what happened! And I was definitely left wanting more so I can’t wait for book 2 to be released!
The name Maxwell Grover sounds harmless enough, right? Wrong. Maxwell Grover is the epitome of a grumpy old man– inside and out. If you’re expecting a heartwarming oh-he’s-just-a-lonely-and-misunderstood-man-who-needs-a-friend twist from this book, you won’t get it. The author’s descriptions of Maxwell are disgusting (in gross-out mid-grade appropriate ways) and a couple of times I regretted trying to eat lunch while reading a chapter.
The ten-year old protagonists acted their age which frequently frazzled my helicopter-parenting nerves . The children repeatedly antagonized Maxwell and invaded his personal space without understanding the potential danger they were placing themselves in. Multiple times I wanted to pull them aside and tell them to stop doing what they were doing because it wasn’t safe. I’ll admit it. I’m getting old.
Mid-grade readers will get a kick out of this one, as long as they can accept not all books have to have a happy ending. BTW, this is not a spoiler. You find out in the first chapter that things aren’t going to end well.
I bought this book for my nephew who is a struggling reader. I am amazed how both my nephew and I are enjoying the book. C.E. Vance has a natural ability to tell children’s stories and to tell them well. She used suspense, humor, and language in a way to evoke the most natural feelings in story-telling. I look forward to finishing this book with my nephew. Already we have enjoyed Vance’s uncanny ability for description and emphasis on unraveling the story. Thumbs way up!
This book was amazing. It kept my interest from the very beginning. It really picked up after Zeke’s family moved to a new place and he befriends Winks. Their adventures went from harmless fun (who didn’t go toilet papering as a kid?) to, I can’t believe you did that and got away with it! …… This was this author’s first book and she is an amazingly talented author! She’s extremely descriptive and weaves a fabulous story. Again, the reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I’m old-fashioned and like a happy ending that this just didn’t provide. I can’t wait for her next book, though. If it’s a sequel that gives me my happy ending, I will definitely be reading more from this author!
So if you’re looking for a fun read, check out How Maxwell Grover Stole My House. It’s on sale this week, so grab your copy today!

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