Sunday, June 17, 2018


Daddy always woke early while the women of his castle slept. He would roar through the house, singing happily. We would grumble from our respective locales, but at five or six A.M., we didn't want to move.
One day, his women--mom, me, and my sisters--decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. He went to bed early, around nine or so. When we thought he was asleep, we crept to the kitchen, arming ourselves with pot lids and spoons,and trying not to laugh, we surrounded his bed. We began a cacophony of chants accompanied by frantic drumming, then ran like rabbits as he jolted out of a sound sleep. Once fully awake, he had to laugh at the sight of his wife and children racing away in hysterical laughter. He was a little quieter after that, but would, from time to time, break into spontaneous song, reminding us all what a happy soul he was. Love and miss you dad. Happy Father's Day.